What should I bring with me?

Houses come furnished with all bed linens, bath towels, kitchen utensils and everything you need to cook at the cabin.

Our weather is usually mild in the summer (70's & 80's) and cold in the winter (below freezing at night and sometimes in the day) to in-between these temperatures in the spring and fall. It still can be freezing in March/April. DRESS APPROPRIATE for the season! My aunt never listens and ends up borrowing my jacket.

Check our local weather before arriving. Our most common zip codes are 28694 (West Jefferson) and 28640 (Jefferson). Ray's Weather provides good local forecasts. Check it our at www.raysweather.com.

Below are items that you should consider bringing:


Any food items that are of special interest

Paper products and personal toiletries (including soap)

Comfortable walking/hiking shoes

Clothing appropriate for season.


Long distance calling card if you are not using a cell phone.

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